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The Region 8 Intelligent Transportation Systems Architecture is a framework of transportation systems and services that work together to increase the safety and efficiency of transportation. Region 8 is a collection of four Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) that coordinate transportation services within Region 8. This system architecture can be used by operations agencies and planning agencies to plan for transportation integration opportunities within the region and reflect on opportunities and operational needs throughout the region. By utilizing the Region 8 ITS Architecture, each transportation project can be seen as a part of the larger transportation system allowing for easier coordination between the MPOs. The ITS Architecture of Region 8 provides a common language that Transportation Councils and MPOs in Region 8 can use to communicate during the development of the detailed design.

The New York State Department of Transportation Region 8 ITS Architecture has been developed through a cooperative effort of Multi-disciplined agencies. The Architecture encompasses those ITS Services that represent the region's current operation and future vision to enhance traveler safety, multi-modal efficiency, and economic resiliency of the transportation system in the Lower Hudson Valley.

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